Principal's Message

Welcome to New Central Public School!

We are a small, but mighty, little school that highly supports community engagement and our belief that we can make a positive difference for others. We pride ourselves in building a true partnership with our students and families to support and maintain a sense of connectiveness for everyone.

New Central is a Restorative Practice school where our trained staff incorporate proactive community circles and responsive community circles within their class settings to improve relationships, enhance academics and solve problems. We, as a school community, always affirm the value and uniqueness of each of our members. At New Central, we understand the importance of supporting and challenging our students to work toward their potential. Our dedicated and trained staff provide our students with a high quality differentiated instructional approach to education.

New Central's motto is, “Look after Yourself, Look After One Another.” This belief, written on a simple Red Soccer ball, has been distributed throughout the world to promote the idea that, when kids play, the world wins. At New Central, we work together and show through our actions and words what it means to "Look After Yourself, Look After One Another". Our school goals are; Do Your Best, Get Involved and Be Good to Others.

New Central staff is proud of their ability to offer students a variety of activities over the day to foster fitness, enjoyment and lifelong skill attainment. These programs are planned in part with the great support from our School Council to ensure the talents and interests of our community members are captured.

We encourage our parents to participate in their child's education and to support the educational endeavours of their child(ren). The staff at New Central look forward to learning and growing together through an open communication concept. In partnership, (students, teachers, families) we will continue to build our wonderful community. It’s going to be another great school year together!

Nancy Rice